Creative film production based out of Vancouver, BC


Our Mission

In a highly diverse generation, we aim to build a platform dedicated to supporting independent artists in film and other entertainment industries.

Our Vision

To create and produce original quality content through television, film and multimedia productions.


Video Productions

Feature films, short films, TV series, and even consultations to help with your budget and funding needs. We make visions into reality.

The Dream Team

Magic isn’t made without the writers, producers, directors, actors, and crew. Lucky for you we have access to the very best people with the skills, talent, and passion in this industry.

Quality Technologies

Using the newest cameras, lighting, sound, and editing software technology we're able to elevate the quality of work we do.


The Four Fathers Chapter 1 Trailer


When a young ex-con is offered an opportunity to provide for his family, it brings him, along with three other men, down a path of crime and tragedy.

Colourblind Trailer



Our current ongoing projects. Stay tuned for more updates!




Visionary Productions Inc. has a diverse group of professionals ranging from producers, directors and actors with a history of success in the film industry.


Ian David Nsenga
Founder/CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

For over a decade Ian David Nsenga has worked in both the film and music industries of Canada, United States, China, Taiwan, and Europe. His passion for creative arts has helped shape quite a diverse career from acting to writing and running his own production company. Born in Nairobi Kenya with Rwandan roots Ian moved to Hamilton, Ontario in 1993 and to Vancouver in 2005 to study Film & Communications at Trinity Western University. His work has been featured on Amazon Prime Video and festivals in the USA and Canada. With his company Visionary Productions ; he aims to create creative and original content.

Jennifer Duong

With a passion and life long love for film and storytelling, Jenny has fully immersed herself in the industry. Her background is in Public Relations and Marketing which has been extremely beneficial in her journey as a producer when it comes to understanding the markets, audiences, and trends. Jenny is the President of Visionary Productions, joined in 2018 and since then has produced 3 films, a pilot, with more projects on the slate. “The Four Fathers”, a horror feature “Amorosa”, and “PriMateria” in development to name a few. Her open mindedness gives her the ability to network and connect with people at a high level. She is adaptable and determined and frequently finds herself a seat at the table. Her energy naturally draws in the right people needed to make things happen. Jenny also writes, acts, and is working on directing. She looks forward to realizing her own visions and helping others with theirs. 

Shanelle Connell

Shanelle Connell, a Métis UBCP actress and CMPA producer, hails from Calgary, AB, where she started in commercial acting before moving to British Columbia to dive head first into her film and television career. Shanelle holds her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Her understanding of the mind, in combination with her marketing/design profession, gives her an edge in the film industry. By combining her multi-faceted experiences, she can tackle production through an actor’s creative lens, an academic’s analytical lens, and a marketing mastermind’s strategic lens. Over the last decade, Shanelle has owned, sold and helped develop several start-up companies within and outside the film industry. Therefore, her business sense has given her an excellent foundation for taking a project from draft to distro.

Daniel Galiano



We’re proud to partner up with many distinguished companies and organizations and our list is ever-growing.


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